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Not in the actual way they are supposed to be involved.

This case if filled with obvious red herrings : Genocider Shou and Togami. You can choose to believe them to be the culprit, but if not there are hardly any clues to deduce the true culprit. ElectriID was the only way, as a significant portion of the game is spent on it.

Ep 4 shows one without a screen lit, but did not explain that it is actually broken. They believed it to be Kuwata's due to his execution. But in the game, Monokuma stated that they are indestructible except for 1 weakness. That weakness is extreme heat, which is the hidden purpose of the sauna scene. So if you can figure out the weakness, you can deduce the culprit. Also, an ElectroID was also found in the sauna, which is Fujisaki's.
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