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Maho in the anime is kind of a mystery woman. She doesn't let on what she's after in particular. She's acted cold the entire time, but hasn't talked down to her sister at all. She seemed surprised Miho was doing anything with tanks, but after that she was always there, watching. The one being a bitch about it was Erika (and probably her Maho's mother as well, though for proably slightly different reasons).

It is clear Erika wasn't in the tank Miho rescued, and probably wasn't in Miho's tank that year even though she'd the new Vice Commander after Miho left. The fact that Miho and Maho's Tiger's ahve different numbers suggests to me they either have two Tiger Is in service for these games, or they renumbered the tank based on who was in command. (217 for Miho and 212 for Maho...though it is possible that it is an art err and they are the same tank "212").

The queston is...who was in the Panzer that was trying to cover Miho's Tiger last year? Was that Erika or Maho? Or were they in their current Tigers last year as well (Tiger I "212" and a Tiger II).
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