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The following two letters are commentaries from 竜騎士07 (Ryuukishi 07) that appear at the end of each game.


Also does anyone know if they're commentaries by 竜騎士07 for the question arcs
Not for the question arcs. Instead there is an お疲れさま会 where the characters gather at (Angel Mort?) as if they finished filming a script, commenting on the story in general. Since everyone was only playing a role, they do not know their role's true intentions either. Umineko Naku koro ni is also following a somewhat similar pattern with their Tea Party.

Additionally, there are Backstage Staff rooms for Higu Kai Chap 06~09 which can be accessed by clicking on the logo at the end of Ryukishi's letters (usually on the although this is different for 08 & 09, iirc). You can only access these for the CD for that chapter. So the Minagoroshi CD can give you access to the Minagoroshi backstage staff room, and the Matsuribayashi CD can only give you access to Matsuribayashi's backstage staff room. These are extremely silly straying far off topic but you get commentary not only from Ryukishi, but from the other members in the 07th Expansion circle such as bt or Dai.
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