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No, it is surely Mion the first time in the angel mort.
First, Shion isn't the kind of girl being timid because of her outfit, even if she meets Keiichi for the first time (as she shouldn't be embarassed anyway)
The second clue is probably how "Shion" looked at Keiichi when he left the angel mort for the first time, which was similar to how Mion looked at Keiichi later on.

Granted, the anime messed up this part, as keiichi claimed "so, the first time was really shion, and the shion who gave me the bento is Mion..." (Especially Shion wasn't supposed to be exposed just after the "biker incident". The "shion who was fierce" was indeed Mion)

In fact, Shion has really shown herself after the doll incident (as result of her discussion with mion), and invited him in a dessert fiesta while she was supposed to work.

In the manga, it is much more clear that Shion met keiichi for the first time only after the "Angel mort defense" with the lecherous nerds.

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