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Oh yeah I remember that pic, from the Vampire Fate XD , her dress really suit at her as well

Originally Posted by markesellus View Post
Wow, thats a really nice picture. Very intense looking and sad when you think about it. That's a sketch!? Mine are doodles in the corners of my notes.
yep, I'm just practicing for the emotions though , I wouldn't have done this without a help from hinonoka (Subaru x Teana Site) , I'm really inspired on his works, it really makes me want to draw some more of SubaTia XD (I have so many plans for them, but maybe that wouldn't take long , kinda lazy now ' cause I always draw them.... ). I used to make a doodle too sometimes, if I am bored XD

*sees the picture* nyaa!! I just noticed that Arf was there (must save it) *saved* , thanks for the pic ^^

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