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Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
Well as we know Tsukune is still in training to control his vampire blood to keep all his humanity intact and doesn't go ghoul or berserk again.

Though if it is Shinso blood. Ruby and Yukari's seal and the headmaster knows how to prevent it if ever. Headmaster knows the key to beat the Shinso blood or just bring along water.
Thing is, water doesn't effect Tsukune in the least. And I'm gonna guess that should he actually stay away from pure water like Moka does, he might actually double his current power because there wouldn't be any water in or around him sapping the vampire power out of him.

But that could also be a waste of time if he simply is immune to the effects of water. But should he be in a fight against a vampire in the rain, Tsukune would win eventually because of that immunity.

I'm just wondering when Kurumu and them will pull out the water hoses and super-soakers for dealing with Akua should she make it known that she's a threat.
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