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More Hollywood anti-technology, anti-progress nonsense. Yawn.
American media hasn't be keen on progressive technology in decades. Ironically, this is true for the general population as well. People love their iPhones and other gadgets, but they really have no clue about how far past that science is really pushing the boundaries of technology.

As interesting as dystopian futures and "new frontiers" can be, the "let's escape and go somewhere else/start over" plot line is getting old. I'm seriously impressed with the budget, but all I really see is Avatar/Earth2 with Dinosaurs and a dash of SGU/BSG. With the incredible amount of science fiction/fantasy stories to tap from, these recycled ideas mish mashed together are starting to feel stale.

Even worse, this is a FOX show. I have no faith in it lasting, considering the networks track record of cancelling stuff before it can actually get an audience.
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