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Thinking back on the episode, I believe the Mom's review is inconsequential. Kissuisou has relied on loyal return customers and they have stressed that point quite a bit in the show. It would make sense that the larger inns which may rely on publicity depend more on tourists who rely on pamphlets and travel magazines. Additionally, not all of the people on the association meeting seemed to be perturbed so I would venture to say that occasional mediocre reviews are one of those normal occurrences that Ohana blew out of proportion.
This is a good point. We're fed the show through Ohana's eyes (usually) so it's really easy to get caught up in her pace because her character and her seiyuu are both fabulous. They might lose some business from customers who read that travel magazine but there are other magazines out there. (haha, I just realized that we got massively trolled in episodes 8/9. The mystery guest wasn't even there. I do wonder if that girl was writing for another magazine or if she was just another tool of the trolling.)
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