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(Kaiji narration) Ohana's mother... overwhelming... scum...!
No Count! No Count! No Count! No Count! No Count!
I just realized she reminds me so much of Kirei...

Ohana... overwhelming... ポポポポポ( ゚д゚)゚д゚)゚д゚)゚д゚)゚д゚)ポカーン…
Well, it's not like she was so incredibly disturbing for the first time though. Still, be it breaking in to the news place because someone else' opinion is different (she can't survive the internet...), self-protesting like an idiot, suddenly searching for Kou-chan, suddenly running out, and just becoming a whole mess that makes you wonder what the heck she wants to do sure left me in awe... in a bad meaning.

Kou-chan... Well, typical protagonist-type actions.

Two annoying characters mained the first part and it felt so stupid, but the second part had messy romance, so Ohana's actions can be overlooked.
Looking forward to Ohana's confrontation with that other girl. Uhew... Grabbing his sleeves.

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