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ForeverGone - 80% - This sig's got a lot of style, and fancy BG effects to go with it.
Kira_Naruto - 77% - While the girl is hot and the BG is interesting, I'm not sure they go well together.
XxNarutoFanxX - 74% - I take it you are a fan of that female in your sig.
Nirvaphreak - 79% - Very cute image and concept. Only complaint is the lack of a border. Wanted to translate that Chinese into English, but then I thought, you must've purposely wrote that in Chinese for a reason, and I'll respect it.
XxChris43xX - 78% - I love the subtle hue gradient across all the captains. But it seems like the individual captain portraits are linearly resized, or resized without anti-aliasing, resulting in noticeble "jaggies" (of their hair, glasses).
Xellos-_^ - 75% - Asa is a great girl (judging from what very little I have watched of Shuffle). Sig itself is fine, with no complaints.
Catgirls - 78% - Avatars as signature? Well, I praise you for your effort and impeccable taste in capturing the faces of anime.
Lina Inverse - 74% - Cute and a bit ecchi image source. The red candy hearts around the corners just doesn't work for me.
SirHellsing420 - 69% - A bit small by our forum standards. The dark red font is a bit hard to read.
1.0.7. - 74% - I understand this sig relies on the mood and aura that captain Byakuya exudes as a character. Just needs a black border.
Vulkanito - 70% - The joke is lost on me. Oh well.
Drake - 82% - CCC. Cute, clean, and crisp, on top of a nice idea. *Thumbs up*
Cyz - 81% - This is a well done sig. Balanced, fitting BG, and the text keeps the signature busy enough as a whole.
Aoie_Emesai - 76% - A sleeping beauty. Nice source, but the image seems a bit too dim.
SasuraiHell - 79% - I like the blue hues, and how it compliments the BG effects. Fitting font choice as well.
JOJOS'STAR - 77% - The right girl is hot, but I see jelly rolls on the left .
Secca - 79% - Simple, but interesting crop and image.
i0td - 78% - Good crop on a good, albeit "standard", source image. Misuzu for the gao!

My signature is a simple crop (as my signatures has been for quite a while), of a not quite black and white, but grey and white image. I chose this signature because I love the source fanart, as the image captures that softer, more innocent side of Shinku, in addition to being endearingly cute. Everytime I look at the source picture I can't help but reveal a wistful grin on my face; furthur strengthening my appreciation for Shinku as a character. Just a warning, my signature is divided into three essentally equal parts to accomodate three different links. Occasionally not all three parts are loaded at once. If so, reload the page. If that doesn't work, clear your internet cache and reload. It happens sometimes.

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