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Originally Posted by pkang0327 View Post
I think in order to be a figher pilot in SMS, you need to be of a certain minimum rank. Although Michel is older and has more experience than Alto, we don't know how much longer Michel has been in the SMS. Prior to the Vajra, SMS was mainly flight testing. Why would Michel get promoted for shooting rocks all day?

My guess is Michel and Luca have only been in SMS less than a year. Judging by their age, it wouldn't make sense for them to have been pilots for any longer than that.

Frankly, in the episodes we've seen, Alto has done quite a number of acts worthy of promotion. Hikaru Ichijo got promoted when he rescued Misa Hayase on Mars Base Sara. Alto probably got promoted ahead of Michel when he rescued Luca from the Vajira.
That does makes some sense. In the Military you get a purple heart like one on Forest Gump, where he Received lots of Military Honors although what he did was just run around and pick up the wounded. However, as you can see, Alto saved Michel, Luca(?) and most importantly he saved Sheryl the galactic fairy and the attempted rescue for Ranka. About Ranka's rescue, It was Alto's determined conversation with the general and his nukes that made the rescue attempt a sucess, i doubt that Brera even on seed mode could have made it alone. He just stole Alto's Shining hour
... But Birler is not Dumb. he knows about Brera. so in Birlers mind Alto saved two of the most important persons in the universe, And certainly it's not Michel or Luca.
!!!!!So then, the award goes to Alto.!!!! !!!!!!!!
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