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I disagree with you all.
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Sorry, but my opinion differs from you people in how Alto got promoted. From the way I heard it, it seems that Alto has the ability to recognize danger in multiple forms. He reported that the unknown purple unit on Galia 4 was the same one that rescued Ranka and was suspiciously hanging around Frontier. Intel discern that what Alto said was true, and that Alto has spotted a potential threat to Frontier. For that, Alto was promoted. (I believe that recognizing potential threats to a squad is a major must skill for squad leaders. Otherwise the squad could walk into a trap.) Plus his superb piloting abilities already drew a lot of attention. Both in and out of Frontier.

Ah, yes. When Brera impeded the mission in ep... 9? 10? ...and shot down Klan Klein, everybody thought he was just hitting on her. But nope, not our brave Alto. Clearly, we're dealing with a military genius.

More seriously, he reported on Brera, probably in the debriefing of the ep 7 battle. As was his clear duty: unidentified, high performance military craft which didn't communicate. It doesn't take any kind of leadership quality to mention it in the report.
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