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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
More seriously, he reported on Brera, probably in the debriefing of the ep 7 battle. As was his clear duty: unidentified, high performance military craft which didn't communicate. It doesn't take any kind of leadership quality to mention it in the report.
Well, it clearly is kind of a plot hole that nobody ( well, except Alto, Ozma and Cathy ) seems to mind that Brera a.) attacked Alto in the Vajra ship in ep 7; b.) attacked Klan in episode 9; c.) attacked Alto in episode 13.

I guess one could say that Leon is hushing it up, but it should have more of an impact.

And Altos VF survived the engagements in episodes 9 and 13, so it isnīt as if his gunsight recordings should have gone missing. Unless Leon confiscated them as after episode 7.
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