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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
He didn't precisely attack Alto in 7, though, IIRC. He was just less than gentle in helping Luca's plane out of the tentacles.

But yeah, the others seem to have been mysteriously forgotten.
He didn't help Lucas at all. Instead, it seems he wants Luca to be stuck there permanently. The only reason he ran away was when he saw Quarter. If he had continued on with whatever secondary objective he had, it would make him be at odds with the SMS. Brera probably doesn't want his primary objective to be in jeopardy, so retreat was the better part of valor.

It seems people are misunderstanding why I think Alto was promoted. Alto said that the VF-27 that was hanging around Frontier, on Galia 4, and rescued Ranka were not different fighters. All three sightings of the fighter were the exact same VF-27. Furthermore, Alto brought back valuable data; especially on the VF-27 and Intel confirmed what Alto has been saying all along after reviewing the data. Meaning the SMS figured out what we knew all along. If Alto had not recognize this potential threat, SMS would probably never know and would go along with the idea "Oh, there is a survivor of Galaxy, and he saved Ranka. Hooray for the hero! Let's all trust that he will cover our backs and won't instead stab it."
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