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Yeah. Also, I just realized. Why not a Poll for just side characters? We don't need two polls. Everyone knows Horo would win. And because of that, votes won't go to understanding what people like about the other characters. I really do say forget Horo and Lawrence, and just ask about side characters. One Poll. not two.

As far as the names go, can we have Volume 3+ names as well? I mean...I know some people have only watched the anime, but the Poll should be for those who are actively interested in ALL things S&W, right?

So if that's okay....Let's start brainstorming Side Characters that have at least some kind of lasting or important roll.

Enik (nora's sheep dog)
Deannara (alchemist leader and special too ^_^)
Nora (shepherdess who helps smuggle gold.)
Zelen (helps Horo and Lawrence understand the currencies scene. Makes a play for Horo )
Yarei (Old merchant friend of Lawrence from Pasroe.)
Chloe (anime only character. lawrence's "apprentice" in Pasroe.)

etc etc, let's brainstorm names ^_^

EDIT: Actually, what's the acceptable limit for the number of Poll options?
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