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•JPN retail 5,000 JPY

•The highly anticipated "∞ Justice Gundam" from "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny" joins the top-selling MG lineup!
•Innovative upper thigh joint system and side armor configuration allow it to be posted in dramatic roundhouse kick poses.
•Legs and wings include beam effect parts.
•Characteristic back-mounted "Fatum-01" lift-wings are linked so as to unfold together.
•Weapons include beam rifle, two connectable beam sabers, and beam carry shield.
•Detachable beam carry shield is molded in translucent plastic and can be attached with a wire to replicate the "grapple stinger" attack. The Gundam can also equip a detachable "beam boomerang" with a posable base and a large beam sword.
•Includes custom display attachment for the lifter wings, and 1/100 Athrun Zala figures (in standing and seated poses.)

•JPN retail 1,200 JPY

•The CHERUDIM GUNDAM from "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" joins the HG series lineup!
•Enhanced articulation allows for kneeling poses and dramatic shooting poses.
•The GN beam sniper rifle features a folding barrel and the stock can be attached to the shoulder joint.
•Beam pistol can be detached from the shoulder and held in the hand by adjusting the movable grip.

•JPN retail 1,200 JPY

•The GN-X III, piloted by the Earth Federation's "Arrows" special forces, joins the HG series line!
•Molded in distinctive red "Arrows" coloration.
•Unique GN lance features an extending grip for use in shooting mode.
•Also includes GN beam rifle, two GN beam sabers, and GN defense rod.
•GN beam rifle can be attached to the waist with included attachment fitting.

•JPN retail 600 JPY

•A SD version of the star of "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" , the "Gundam 00"!
•Upper thighs can move forward or back for dynamic action posing.
•Shoulder-mounted GN drives feature new posability, unique to the SD version!
•Head unit and GN drives utilize translucent parts to replicate how they appear when lit up.
•Includes two GN sword-rifles that can be re-combined into sword and rifle modes.
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