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@Marcus H. I will be frank, sometime wanting to be creative isn't the best way , as it limit often size and/or quality. Just look a the ways followed with the entries.
1: Most used the arrows as a elements of the background or a element than worked with the render or the text.
2 Some used it as what arrow are: something than indicate a direction ( escimo's and Buttercup~'s entries are a good example.)
3 There was the way I followed: making the sig as a arrow. this way could allow some liberty as the subject of the signature but necessited the use of transparency ( with the issue than it make)
4 There was also the possibility of using the arrow as the render or than a arrow was part of the render. My first attempt and maybe AtomicoX's entry could probably put on this categorie. With this way the main problem was to find the good render.
Each way had their issue; most required some particular skills, some gived better result but all required a idea behind the sig. Some though outside the box other inside of it but allhad a idea.

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Oh, and ganbaru, your signature reminds me of breasts.
what make you think of that, her pose or the text ?
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