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For otaku healthcare trends relating to Oreimo; going by some 50ish doujinshi covers from retailers, ~75-80% of the current 18+ Oreimo doujins have to do with Kirino and Kyousuke. The other portion is almost all Kuroneko with Ayase usually appearing with Kirino. I think you'd have to hit pixiv for poor Manami .

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Isn't it really common in Japan for couples to only have one child? Lately, the anime industry has been compelled to pander to the otaku, and with them mostly being lonely virgins with poor social skills, we get anime that focuses on a guy hooking up a girl, with little to no effort on his part. Little sisters come into play because they're cute, to people that don't have little sisters, which is a lot of Japan. There's also the fact that it's easy to set up situations where accidents happen, since little sisters live with their big brothers. And then, we also have the whole loli thing that makes them a good choice.

This is all speculation, of course, but I think those are the lines of thought that brought us this trope.
I grew up on this side of the Pacific, but I think I can understand where little sister moe might come from. Before I'd even heard of anime, there were actually a few girls I was close enough to that they'd refer to me as an older brother and confidant. In retrospect, this was probably worse than permanent friend for romantic prospects . I ended up living with one for a year or so for school and ended up understanding why people with real siblings can't stand one another.
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