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Originally Posted by jeroz View Post
You just got your awesome loot from the internet.
You want to share it with someone and brag
The closest person is not here instead spending a night away from home.
You want to brag on it so bad
That person is still not home yet.
You still want to show the prized possession

= Tsun tsun action?

I love how many people here got trolled by the scriptwriter.
Agreed it can be interpreted as jealousy, but with that ecstatic dakimakura arrival scene earlier, a completely new possibility has raised.


**** it, ninja'd :P
read the whole 7 pages in one go, started typing since page 4 or something.
Except...Kyosuke doesn't give a rat about the pillow. So what is there to brag about? To brag is to invoke jealousy. On the other hand...if it is just the desire to show somebody something important to you only, the motivation is not to brag.
The scripwriter leaves baits, how the viewer interpret it is entirely up to the individual. Nobody is 'right' or 'wrong'.
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