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I hope you won't be irritated to have me poke on a bit more, but IMHO there are some parts which are about to leave the "agree to disagree" area and bordering "objectively wrong".

Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
Manami was on tenterhooks the whole time (maybe a bit more relaxed at the end) and Kyousuke was sometimes confused as to how he felt.
When? When did he display any confusion or uncertainty about an issue concerning Manami? I can't remember a single one where he might have been flustered or unsure. Instead, he dealt with all questions and incidents which would _normally_ fluster a guy with a cool assured demeanor. ("Are you going out? Why don't you just marry her? Are you nervous sleeping here? etc...)

And on the other side was Kyousuke's feeling that he wanted this relationship to carry on, wanted another sleepover, and would object to any other guy butting in.I do think this is the main difference of opinion here. If she doesn't seem attractive, it's hard to feel the attraction. If she does, it's easy.
I think it's worse than that. Kyousuke has totally friendzoned Manami. Sure he likes the current convenient relationship to go on, but he firmly resists all attempts of Manami to get closer. In other words, Manami makes it perfectly clear time and time again that she would like to progress, and Kyousuke makes it perfectly clear time and time again that he does NOT want that. And in the end, Manami sighs inwardly, shrugs, and is content to carry on like before.

This is what bothers me, and why I simply can't feel this happy-fuzzy "it's only a matter of time until they tie the knot" feeling. Instead, I feel that Manami is headed for a major disappointment, and Kyousuke is an ass for keeping her hanging on like this by intentionally leaving this asymmetry unaddressed.

I would never use the ugly word "moeblob," probably for anyone, let alone Manami. As I mentioned before, my affection for/identification with this type of character began with DearS.
Let me qualify this. Manami is a very very nice girl. Kind disposition, patient and devoted. She has a brain, unlike most moeblobs. But she doesn't show any spine, and characters whose defining traits are complete subservient devotion to someone else, bother me.

Yes, he's being oblivious -- but less oblivious than I remember seeing in other shows.
And here I think a "no, I consider this objectively wrong" is in order. Sorry. Kyousuke is a pretty perceptive guy, he's proven it time and time again. How could he ignore a blatant question like "when are you going to marry her"? Sorry. The question is clear and the implication is totally obvious. Kyousuke KNOWS what Manami and her family want. It's IMPOSSIBLE that he's unaware of it.

So, no. He's not oblivious. His rejections to Manami's overtures are firm, consistent and without a trace of wavering. He confirms that he likes it the way it is, and he likes the idea to carry on like this, but he does NOT give any confirmation or expectation to leave the current friendzone. Or, what would be better, he shows no initiative to get closer to Manami on his own volition. It's intentional. He's keeping her at arm's length, and not by coincidence, but by design.

And from time to time, and at the end, I saw love -- even if it wasn't either passion or romance. Agape for a spouse rather than eros for a lover.
I know that you like the Agape concept ^_^; ... but I honestly don't think that Kyousuke is anywhere near that so far. Though we're now back in "IMHO" territory.
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