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"I wonder how things'll be if we graduate and go to the same college."

This line signifies that he has put some thought into moving past the friendship. He just doesn't want to commit now. It's plausible. Sometimes people want to live a carefree life without responsiblities in high school while they still can. College is the period where everything changes. More independance, more responsibilities, more room for a love life.

To me, Kyousuke believes he isn't ready for a relationship yet and who can blame him? His parents don't particularly treat him favorably, instead giving special treatment to his sibling. His sibling nags him for every little thing. Simply put, he feels restricted at home. He even said this, albeit not as explicit, during the episode.

When he graduates from college and moves out of the house, his environment, his demeanor, his way of life will change, for better or worse. And who will be there for him? Manami.
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