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Except...Kyosuke doesn't give a rat about the pillow. So what is there to brag about? To brag is to invoke jealousy. On the other hand...if it is just the desire to show somebody something important to you only, the motivation is not to brag.
The scripwriter leaves baits, how the viewer interpret it is entirely up to the individual. Nobody is 'right' or 'wrong'.
She just wants someone to talk to about her hobby. That's why she makes him play all these games, regardless of whether he actually cares abut them. While she now has some new otaku friends, they don't exactly share her precise interests in little sister games. As a little brother I can sympathize with her since my older brother partially shares my hobbies and when he's not around I just start pacing the house energetically because I have no one to talk to about some cool show I just saw or something.

And no, I'm not into gay incest. Her actions don't seem that weird to me.

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