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Just a couple of things:

I still feel that this series is still going the "bonding" route, I mean, there's a little something extra in ep5 that might lead to wincest, but I'm not going to hold that against the writers yet. If anything else comes up then that might change my opinion.

As for Kyosuke, it's pretty clear in this episode that he does not want Manami yet, and not that he was oblivious. The lap-pillow incident could've been interpreted either way, but on hindsight the camera panted towards her lap and back up, signifying that Kyosuke knows whats going on and choose to play dumb. In this episode, his constant and firm rebuttal, couple with attempting to turn the bath thing into a joke is pretty clear to me that he knows what's going on, and choose to "remain" the same. Of course, at the end he pretty said to Manami: "I'm going to be single till college, so when the time comes I'll be all good."

Also, I love the grandpa in this episode, he's one of those energetic grandparent that is both loving and has way too much time on their hands, which usually breeds pretty good comedy.

Overall, this episode is completely different from the first five, but enjoyable nevertheless.
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