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I don't have any problems with Fate ahving an expanded backstory, also as Raiser points out this expanded material also counts as Precia's backstory as well giving much more deep to her character beyond "that horrible woman who whips Fate-chan" that were her main character trait up until the Movie came out. Fate's screentime was so big that even i was able to notice it but i didn't have complains because Nanoha was still able to show her GARness and main character traits despite RH's new "mecha" features and reduces screentime. Also, visually the movie is fantastic.

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In that way I almost expect the A's movie to be primarily on the Wolkenritter and Hayate.
I'll support that xD!

*suddenly it turns out we get the expanded backstory of Gil Grahan adn the Lieze Twins instead o_o*
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