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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Then again, the 2nd movie could still focus more on Fate, possibly somehow bumping Suzuka off and instead have Fate befriend Hayate. Tune in for Magical Girl Lyrical Fate the Movie 2nd A's, to see how it all turns out!
Fate is a tragic character with a sad childhood story so I can accept if the drama revolves around her...but asskickingbefriending? Hah!

Besides, my main draw for this series was not the sad blond girl but the promise of super beams and explosions, and no amount of sword-chucks can compensate for that...

Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
but that didn't save the MOVIE form a posible similar destiny because the Wolkenritter have ...VITA! xD(you know, the character who gets nearly all the focus everytime Wolkenritter-related matierial sees the daylight). I like her, very much but i hope the movie gives a more shared focus between the four knights and Hayate.
This reminds me of the 4koma doujin, where Nanoha sees Shamal and Zaffy and asked "who are you guys again?"
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