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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
And still the anime found time to flesh out the Wolkenritter very well, even dedicated an entire flashback chapter, their motivations and feelings towards Hayate remained an important plot point during all the season. I've fallen in love with the Wolks long before knowing about the existence of the Sound Stages.
Aye, but not the pre-Hayate background, and that's what I meant. The manga seems to be doing the Hucks expanding right now.

Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
To be honest, the amount of fanservice in Force has been very modest. The sretchiness on the plot comes mostly from overly drawn basic moves from the characters, bad pacing in most battles and the fact that they spent two years showing just one aspect of the Hucks again and again: that they're ruthless jerks. We already know that, move on!
You're still counting in years and chapters, not events. It's events that matter when telling a story, not the amount of time between releasing chapters.
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