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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
It IS a monthly release xDU. And if Tsuzuki is ok with overstreching the story in the same freakin battle for over a year then he clearly isn't aiming to appeal to a wide margin of readers, just to the ones loyal enough to withstand it ...or the ones too obsessed over his flaws to stop reading(yeah xD).

Do you have an example of a good excution of this? Cause i really like to know if there is one out there.

And still ViVid feels better executed than Force characterization wise.
Now I definitely think there would be a benefit for you to reread it all in one go. You will perhaps find it different if you do.

Examples? Yeah just go read more variety and you will find there are series that the development are slow and for a reason. First thought that comes to mind was 07 Ghost, Ares, and Saint Seiya. I remember there were others too but can't seem to remember them all since I have read so many over time.

Lol about Vivid. I agree. I still don't think Force is that bad. Just a good simple question, besides the flaws that you think, are you still enjoying Force?
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