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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
I don't know, i think i enjoy certain parts(Tohma scaring the crap out of Fortis and Stella xD) but i can't enjoy the story as a whole, it's impossible to me with the out-of-place prescence of the old cast.
Now this I can agree with. They introduced an entire new cast in StrikerS, expanded on them in SSX and then... kept using the old cast. The arm of marketing is mighty indeed.

Still doesn't stop me from enjoying Force though.

Originally Posted by Justin_Brett View Post
They DID have the 'shoot 'em in the head' weakness shown recently, I guess. But you can understand my doubts as to whether anyone in Section Six would ever take advantage of that.
Agreed. Their counter is still a work in progress. A work in progress that might actually get some visible result now that they have Thoma.
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