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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
I wonder if Tsuzuki even posses the matiruty to write something like that and not kicking up the Force hatedom into new levels of wank.
When not kicked up is controversial, moreover if kicked up?

Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
But magic isn't necessary just better skill at depicting scenes and distribute page-time i wonder why is this so difficult, Nanoha A's manga do it well, MOVIE 1st manga do it beautifully and even ViVid is better executed, it's not like Tsuzuki can't do it so, why he agreed in overstreching things so damn long? Where is the puspouse behind this?
Probably not. Maybe he ran out of ideas so much that he becomes stressed until like this...

Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
In fact i would like to rewrote the fourth season entirely(i already wrote some crazy ideas about that on TV Tropes xD), erasing the Anti-Magic and replacing it with an order of Divine Warriors following the reincarnation of a Deity(their understanding of "true magic" being the reason they can trounce the more technologically dependant TSAB mages, pushing our heroes in finding a more complete understanding of the mystical origin of magic allowign themselves to reach a new stage of power).
This! Maybe this one can be the best solution.
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