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The millionaire founder of internet security firm McAfee has gone on the run from authorities in Belize after he was arrested for allegedly possessing illegal drugs and weapons.
Posting on the internet from a secret location Gloucestershire-born John McAfee, 66, alleged the dawn raid at his home in the tiny Central American country and his subsequent arrest earlier this month were because he refused to donate money to a local politician.
As he became a Belize resident, he could secure his remaining assets there, safe in the knowledge that the country would not recognise any court judgement passed down from a US judge.

Certainly, people who visited him on the island said he did not seem that impoverished, and that he had set up a high-speed ferry company, a rickshaw firm, a water sports facility and an internet company.

But McAfee claims he moved to Belize because he had a passion for developing medicines based on the herbs found in the rainforests, including a herbal viagra for women.
i wonder how many of these guys who think the US tax rate is too high. Will realize that while the official tax rate is lot lower in these 3rd world countries they are moving to, have a much higher unofficial tax rate.
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