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So from what I can understand of the last novel, there's no actual solution to the murders... I don't know if the Battler-family theory was supposed to be the answer and Ange didn't want to believe it (And Battler didn't want her to know, just let her keep living in denial and believe what she wants) since it wasn't confirmed. Was this the point of story? It doesn't confirm or deny any theory so fans can keep discussing it?

All this meta-world and meta-meta-world stuff is very confusing. I don't know what's "real" and which are just someone's delusions.

Like Yasu creating Kanon, Shannon, Beatrice. So in the "real" world s/he was just playing different roles at the same time? Were their relationships with George and Jessica "real" or was it just part of one of the game's fake realities? I can't imagine how they wouldn't know they were just Yasu playing different roles. I mean Jessica lives in the same mansion as Yasu.

And the 18 people during the incident is only actually 17 people then?
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