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Originally Posted by GabrieliosP View Post
There's a ONScripter close that can support unicode characters, including Greek. It's named Onslaught, and it can be found here.

It's still in the beta version, but it's better than nothing.
Oh, thanks, I'll try that out.

Um.... Anyone got any idea how I can get this to work?

Originally Posted by Myname View Post
And the 18 people during the incident is only actually 17 people then?
16!!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

Originally Posted by Joeyscraggy View Post
Kanon doesn't exist, it never existed. I know, Kanon is just a Yasu character, but I mean in pre-1986 Rokkenjima. Kanon was just a thing Jessica and Yasu made up.
I've also entertained this idea, but decided against it for many reasons (one of them being that Kanon is my favorite from the humans and I really don't want to believe that and other, normal ones).

There's also that scene with the goats in the Golden Land that try to deny Kanon's existence, and the best Jessica can do is say in red that her classmates witnessed Kanon in the cultural festival (I think Jan-Poo mentioned that a couple of pages ago). And well, that would explain many holes that Yasu's dress-up might create, like, how dum is everyone? But I still disgagree with it, nontheless.

Originally Posted by AuraTwilight View Post
This was Ryukishi's intention, yes. He also seems to be trying to make some point that people making a game out of trying to find the truth behind a crime is somehow immortal or wrong.
I don't think that point was made in EP8. Then again, it's up to interpretation.

Whether the Meta-World is in people's minds, a real dimension, or a metaphysical metaphor is up to you.
It is confusing either way whatever you choose to believe (except the real dimension, that stuff is the only way it makes 100% perfect sense).

Basically. I think we can take from EP7 that the Jessica/George romances were real though, given their significance to Yasu's motivations and emotional problems. But in any case, yes, Shannon and Kanon are not real people.
I agree, Yasu wouldn't fret so much over just an imaginary character (I presume, because there's always a Maria-Sakutarou example to prove me wrong). But I think it's more easily acceptable if Kanon was a "real" person with actual ties to people.

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