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Originally Posted by Myname View Post
Why is only one of them working at the island at a time for most of the year? What's their excuse for the other one disappearing for most of the year?

I know Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo saved Yasu from the fall, but why would they go through the trouble of helping her with the split personalities and hiding them from George/Jessica? Shouldn't Nanjo (being a doctor) be aware that encouraging her split personalities and pursuing relationships with others (heirs to the Ushiromiya family as well) isn't good for her mental health?
Servants hired from the Fukuin house work at Rokkenjima in shifts; they're not there every day of the year. In the TIPS menu in-game, it mentions how Shannon and Kanon just happened to both be on duty on the days of the family conference in 1986. There are other servants who work at Rokkenjima too and who just weren't on the roster for those days.

Well, yes...Genji/Kumasawa/Nanjo didn't really do their best for Yasu. To be honest, those three are pretty shady people in some ways. They were okay with Beatrice 2 being basically imprisoned at Kuwadorian for her whole life, and with Kinzo treating her as the reincarnation of her mother. Yeah, we're told that Genji didn't like it, but it's not as if he did anything to stop it. Those three are really not the nicest and most caring people out there, and even when they have good intentions their judgement is not great. Genji, for example, seems to have thought that Yasu was better off with her family on the island...when she really, really wasn't.
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