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How the heck Kirito was able to morph into a minotaur he defeated in eps 9? I knew that spriggan is race with a thing with illusion, but that's clearly not an illusion. If it was just illusion, then Kirito would have slashed the Salamander guys 4 or 5 times to make it look like the monster clawed their bodies into pieces. That means he definitely turned into monster. My question is, how?
How, well, that was the nature of the magic. You take on the form of a monster and gain the related size/mobility, but you don't gain any attack power. Thankfully for him, he already had the attack power to spare, and the size was all he needed. (I guess it'd count as "Illusion Magic" because you don't really become a monster; you just take the monster's form. It's not like a "mirage", though.)
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