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It's an illusion spell, so the only thing affected should have been how Kirito appeared to everyone. That's why Lyfa said it was no good for combat, as the only practical use for such a thing would to dissuade other players from coming near you in a dungeon or something out of fear for themselves because they think there's a powerful monster there, not a player.

How would an illusion affect a player's range of attack? That's the main contradictory point behind the spell he used. It's an illusion so it has no physical form.
What's contradictory is what you actually saw in the episode, and what you write. Kirito even talks about how his sword disappeared and he didn't know what to do, so he merely just swung his arms. So while illusion magic might be a misnomer, the implications of illusion magic is more transformation. But if you look at it through another lens, for example, in some games you can turn yourself into a tree creating an "illusion". In that example it makes perfect sense, and I think that is the context within the game.

And the reason it's probably not useful is because like Kirito said, he lost his sword. I doubt people would choose to lose a weapon they worked hard to obtain only to not use it in battle. And most likely because spells are based on stats, I doubt many people have stats like Kirito which is why his spell was ridiculously strong. I'm sure if Kirito had a weapon that matched his level, he would have been fine not using an illusion spell, but because he has a store bought one, it was only able to get his opponents in the yellow with one swing. Now if he had his Elucidator he prolly coulda wiped them all out easily, lol.

As for people talking about Kirito's PTSD, I have a feeling you guys really don't know what you're talking about. After living two years in a game world, obviously he feels an attachment, but does that make what he says wrong? It's like he was saying, if you act a certain way in a game, it's bound to effect you in real life. Kirito is merely a man who wants to stay true to himself, whether it be in a game, or in real life. And I think there are plenty of people like that. It has nothing to do with PTSD. Now if he suddenly started to get angry randomly, or paralyzed by fear, or something, then yes, I might agree that he's dealing with it, but it's pretty obvious Kirito has overcome that fear. Yes he had fear before putting on the nerv gear, but Kirito is pretty much in control of himself, and isn't displaying any real signs of PTSD aside from keeping with his morality. Yes it's a game, and yes death is a part of the game, but in a game like WoW, on a PvP server, I didn't actively hunt alliance, nor did I feel the need to kill anyone I came across. Yes, there are people who do that, but just because it's a game, and just because the death isn't real, doesn't make me want to act like an a-hole and do that kind of stuff. Kirito is the same way.
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