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Still, we have Leafa saying how crappy illusion is in battle every episode but Kirito uses it to turn into a giant monster and owns. Not to mention, Kirito got all of his skill levels from SAO which did not have magic (i.e. his illusion should be at a low level, unless a sword skill or something transferred to illusion, but that seems unlikely). So what then, is giant monster illusion your weakest spell? I smell an Ass Pull here
No, you already saw in an earlier episode that his carried-over SAO stats allow him to one-hit kill people normally. But the problem is that he couldn't break through their defensive formation. His monster form allows him to use the high stats he already has anyway to get around their defences and own people. If it weren't for his high stats and his specific circumstance, he would have been better off in his normal form (where he can use his sword). It was just a useful thing to have in this specific case. It's no more of an "ass pull" than the fact his SAO stats carried over in the first place. (We also saw that it took some time to deploy the skill, so it's not like he could just use that form whenever he wants either.)
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