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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
How so? Certainly I've been disconnected from the console world since... well, since the days of Playstation one, but at least till then they had always get it right.
Well its hard to not get it right back then since they had only made like 3 games by PSOne era. But if you're not so critical than some of the tri-ace stuff won't really bother you but heres what I know alot of my friends and I didnt like about their recent titles.

-Valkyrie Profile 2 left alot to be desired on what was an amazing setup by the first game, it stumbled over itself in story.

-Star Ocean 3 played like the retarded cousin of the "Tales of" games and story wasn't much better either also a general criticism is how we're in a high tech future and still look like hobos.

-Infinite Undicsovery is pretty much uncontested the worst RPG ever made this generation. Unplayable, uninteresting and some of the worst game design ever.

-Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume had a horrendous soundtrack and messed up game balance with essentially only two difficulty modes. Boring walk in the park and I'LL KILL ALL YOUR FIRST BORN CHILDREN, no middle ground.

-Star Ocean 4 had irritating dialogue, bizzarre localization changes, really creepy character designs which looked more like out of a eroge and level design was rather annoying. However unlike 3 it actually had a pretty good plot which at least puts it at pretty decent since story is important for RPG's.

-Radiata Stories was pretty much the best thing they did recently and that was like the first game they made for PS2.
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