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^ I've never said Pheles has enough power to get everything done. But she can be one (possibly crucial) element that contributes to saving Yuji (if indeed he will be saved) and defeating the bad guys. Even though her motive may be to save Johan, Yuji may also end up being saved as a result. The defeat of evil will obviously be a team effort (and I'm saying that Pheles may be a part of that effort), even though Shana will (most likely) deliver the coup de grāce.

The author can use/manipulate the Shanaverse and make all sorts of scenarios possible (I just hope things won't get as convoluted as, say, Harry Potter VII). Of course Kazumi's hougu might be just a red herring, but my intuition tells me that Kazumi and Pheles have a (possibly crucial) role to play in the story's climactic plateau.

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