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Originally Posted by TrueKnight View Post
What about other dozens of ships that were used for exploration as stated in the link?
Those vessels probably aren't going to be very adequate troop transports, seeing as how they're design for exploratory missions. Seeing as how your optimized interstellar transport can only get 350 metric tons, it's doubtful that something built for exploration would be very useful in that role.
Originally Posted by TrueKnight View Post
What about military ones?
Seeing as how the military probably has to be concerned over immediate threats in systems (other militaries), most space borne military assets are probably going to be built for fighting in system rather than transporting interstellar invasion fleets.
Originally Posted by TrueKnight View Post
Sure it’ll take a while for them to reach Pandora but in the end they will reach there.
Ships optimized for interstellar travel take five years to get to Pandora. Just throw a bunch of unsuited ships in for the Armada and suddenlly your invasion fleet takes decades to get there.

If Unobtanium is really so vital that humanity would be willing to glass a world for it, then they're not going to be willing to wait decades to get the supply reinstated.
Originally Posted by TrueKnight View Post
NThe weapons load out limitation would surely be compensated with a probable huge amount of fleet the humans are bringing should a massive invasion is planned.
With the logistical strain involved over interstellar distances, it's very unlikely your going to make a big enough invasion fleet to overwhelm the planet if you're limiting yourself to conventional weapons. The only way you're ever getting the Unobtanium by force would be if you resort to RKKV's. Any kind of conventional invasion will flounder and fail horribly.

As for the RDA...their involvement in this operation may turn out to be minimal aside from supplying some ships. After losing their entire mining colony and likely causing a mind blowingly horrible economic disaster, the ICA is very unlikely to let them keep their mining rights to Pandora. Losing said colony is also likely to oblitorate RDA as a mega corporation.

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