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^Honestly, I find it more likely that Jake and the other remaining humans (yes I still consider Jake a human, even if he has taken over another body) will use the mining facility to send (and receive) communications from Earth, thus starting the diplomatic process (their communications will reach Earth far faster than any of the ships from Pandora). Additionally, sicne the message could be sent to all of Earth, ti is not just a government that would be dealt with, but rather all governments and all populaces.

Worst case scenario (for the humans), the Na'vi can hold many of the deposits of unobtanium hostage. They have the data that shows where the mineral can be found, so they need only excavate a sufficient supply, and then station it in any cities the Na'vi may inhabit, making the destruction of said cities and people very cost ineffective. The only remaining course of action of part of the humans would be germ warfare, or some other non-destructive course of action, that would leave the mineral alone, but only kill the life forms, but since it is unknown (at least with the knowledge from the film) as to what a creature from Pandora's (with its toxic to humans and presumably most forms of life on Earth) atmosphere would be infected by).
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