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Originally Posted by 23 gundam fan View Post
i thought it was really pretty good overall. it kind of bugs me a little that the super special setsuna get to live forever. just saying eveyone fought for the world just as hard and risk just as much, but i guess the main character has to go off into the sunset as a god like person. dont get me wrong i understand setsuns role in the series, i dont know just bugs me a bit.
Umm...........he went to the ELS homeworld as an ambassador for the good of humanity and he is going to boundaries previously have not broken and doing an important job. You're making it sound like he went there to party or something rather than doing an important mission. Besides, as we saw with some other people, merging with the ELS can be quite painful process.

Also, it was never stated that he gets to live forever. I don't know where you're getting that from, it was never stated in the movie or in any of the sidematerials. Living forever is also not a good thing as you'll always watch your loved ones die, which is always pure anguish. You'll either not be close to anyone (which sounds more like Setsuna quite frankly, though probably less so with his new persona) or you'll keep making new loved ones/frieneds and then watching them die over and over again. Living forever is not pure bliss.
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