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Originally Posted by Scorpiopt View Post
I Still think the EF government are idiots

-Removing weapons from CB on a ship that was meant to save then has las resort? if it had all the weapons less people would had died and even push back the ELS until setsuna arrived
-Stopping MS development in name of peace? new enemy appears your screwed with old tech
-Forcing military to use old suits and ships ? suicide right here

This is no peace policies its being irresponsible , peace politics is being patient towards others and choose talking instead of force .
Above peace there is insuring the security of your citizens
-As Rising mentioned, the ESF are only cutting back weapon production not halting it completely. You have to take into account that the last ESF admin cramped up MS development like they were at war or something and then used it to oppressed weaker countries and anybody who tried to stop them. Cutting back on army production is a reasonable political reaction and also the sensible one considering the fact that the army can be used against its own people, which was exactly what the last admin did. They're more concerned about humans abusing the military forces rather than say fighting against aliens. Humanity doesn't need that many military forces controlled by one big Earth government, since one of the reasons the ESF was created was to wrestle military control out of their member nations so they can't fight each other.

-The next conflict, which was the Old Human Faction war was the result of a rebellion by a small section of the ESF Army who are against Innovators and the ELS, who are being accepted by the ESF in general. The larger the army, the more damage it can cause if a section decides to rebel or if a government administration wants to use it for bad purposes like the old administration did.

-Besides, its not like there was zero developments since S2. The Braves were designed as a semi mass produced model (more quality over quantity unlike the GN-XIV) that can respond to emergencies quicker. The Gadelaza was also made, and we know there were more than one. The GN-XIV is also a technological marvel for a mass production suit that integrated Gadessa-Series technology obtained from the Innovator faction. All this happened in two years.

-A lot of forces were lost in the A-LAWS battle on either side, considering it was a large concentration of GN forces were in that battle. The HG GN-XIII ESF Type manual also mentioned that the porpotion of GNMS out of all MS were quite small because they're relatively new (this was why Katharon's main strategy was to attack ESF bases quickly and escape before the GNMS backup from other bases can come in; I believe this was mentioned in the Klaus' Enact 00V chapter). They're production lines only began like one or two years prior to S2 anyways because during the timeskip a lot of research needed to be done into them and how to mass produced them and the GN Drive Taus.

-The disarmament policy was continued even after the ELS Conflict, because the ESF obtained information on the location of other civilisation around the galaxy from the ELS, and concluded that the probability of another one intercepting Earth was close to 0% based on where they are located. By 2364, there are no longer mobile suits in used by humanity according to 00N (the Sakibure is officially designated as a workloader; it doesn't have any weapons even if its powerplant is powerful).

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