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Originally Posted by Sansker View Post
I think you are taking this way too hard for no real reasons.
So says the person who never has any reasons for anything?

No, there is NO determinator status in the movies, at all. Where's Nanoha's backstory and motivations that we saw in canon?

Where's the scenes of her as a kid realizing that if she works her best to stay out of people's way when things are hard, no one will worry about her? Where's the scene of her realizing that her best isn't good enough and deciding to try harder?

No, that scene in the movie is fail because it comes out of left field, there's no hint of Nanoha being a determinator, there's no build-up, just bam! There!

"I must try harder"

I'm sorry, WHY?! You have no real reason to try harder than what you've been doing because the movies hasn't SHOWN ANY REASON FOR YOU TO BE!

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