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Considering Movie 1st:

Nanoha's unyielding determination to resolve the whole Fate issue is evidence enough, so that there were scenes of Fate being pretty annoyed of her interference.

So it's there. You might not like it and may consider it pandering, but it exists and deal with it.

She's been known to dedicate ridiculous amount of efforts to do help people. Watching half an hour of either the tv series or movies makes this exceedingly obvious the moment she saves Yuno and accepts being a magical girl. Why is it her and not Arisa or Suzuka or any random kid? Could any random kid do it? Apparently not. Granted this is watered down in the 1st movie due to the more active Raising Heart and the inexplicable cutting of the Arisa slapping scene, but it already takes a certain type of person to be able to do things like that in the first place.

What about her first fight when she didn't know anything? Does anyone catch on that fast without having any kind of desire to do something?

What about her fight against Fate? She doesn't want any interference, for a fair fight. Does that mean anything? It's not a very huge leap of logic to assume such a person just doesn't back down easily, away from their goal.

2nd A's:

After recovering from being drained, she's pretty much like "let's keep going."

There are many legitimate reasons to point out what was cut out, and how it causes the development to be skewed in a certain direction. That is the real issue, but I'm not going to debate for people. For example, consider why Nanoha and Fate would be so hellbent on saving Hayate, someone they didn't seem to know that well to begin with.
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