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Well, here's where we differ. I could already expect Nanoha's behavior with or without the SLB at the start of A's through season 1. There's no doubt it helps, but I don't think it's as fragile as you might suggest. That being said, I do believe I said that the first confrontation and a lot of the beginning of the movie, did indeed, suck.

And there's a definite reason. Nanoha meets Vita about 15 minutes into the series, in episode 1. Nanoha meets Vita 15 minutes into the movie... and wait that's a fucking problem when you have half the time, isn't it? Simultaneously under and overcooked-- ouch. It's also hard to fathom way these changes were made.

To me, I don't really see why she's any less heroic against Reinforce then she is.

I'm also curious on when Fate started to annoy you. Ms. spotlight stealer, after all, was probably worfed even worse than Nanoha was. For that would be Reinforce and Hayate, and the focus on them was dedicated nearly half the movie to their closure. So, I'd say this move compliments their side a bit better. And for this, I would have to say that one has to watch the tv series before this to make things really work.

The other thing is that I also thought the Wolkies were far more aggressive, and already positioned to attack in the movie. But you know, I suppose ancient tools of war should and will run circles over a few talented nine year olds.

In any case, I don't really spot any inconsistencies. Certain things are less interesting, and for whatever reason they've decided to completely shut off entire tangents even though minimal effort would have made it viable.
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