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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Sure, I eventually grew to like Nanoha more, but Fate was really the first character that drew me in. And she did it all with just her one short appearance. I wonder when she started to annoy me, rather than impress me...
This is the most honest thing I've heard you say. Claiming you still liked Fate when you never had anything good to say about her, really was getting old.

Also if I had to take a stab, it was right around the time you grew to like Nanoha more, and started to wonder why she doesn't have a larger percentage of the screen time. And this clearly happened before the first movie, because I remember you complaining about Fate even before then.

And it's pretty silly if it was StrikerS since it's the one series Nanoha actually got decent development while Fate just had some fluff. So... I really do wonder when that was.

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