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Originally Posted by Kaijo
I think, honestly, it was sometime after that, as I slowly learned that Sette's role was diminished because of Nana
Come again? Do tell me more.

I read everything you said, and I don't feel the need to comment back on much, since this feels more opinion based than fact based. Well, except a few things, but easy enough to read and move on. I've personally never let fan bases or other sources ruin my feelings for a character, but unfortunately it tends to impact a lot of other people. I may seem like the resident Fate fag to most of you, but I really do care for her a lot. If you dislike her, fine, nothing I, or anyone can do to change that...But I still think you go way too far when it comes to criticizing her. The constant jabs at her when I feel they're completely unwarranted just isn't something I can let slide. Defending a character is no different than defending a series, and is of equal importance. Fate wasn't the reason I got aquainted with the Nanoha franchise, but she became a large part of why I stayed.


You'd be surprised how easy it is for people to criticize characters that they like. Even if you have nothing nice to say about them, you can still like them. I mean, look at Aki, as annoying as he is, he still says that Signum's his favorite character.

Hell, I admit I didn't like the Wolkenritter in A's, they still ended up being some of my favorite characters in the franchise afterwords though.

And, yes, I *do* like Fate, hell, the only characters IN the franchise I do NOT like are Precia (abusive parents hits a LITTLE too close to home for me), Graham (I understand his motivations, but I don't like how he did it) and Quattro.

Heck, I've come to like Due and Regius, and neither of them were meant to be likable at all.

Note, I don't consider the brains to be characters.
Aki's an anomaly to me and I can't begin to fathom where he comes from. If you have nothing nice to say about them, then what is there to like about them? An imperfect trait can still be a likable trait. But something needs to be there to give reason for liking a character.

Okay, you didn't like the wolkenritter at first, but they did grow on you. Not even I was much into Fate during the first couple episodes she appeared. Also, if I'm rewatching something, I'm not going to have to wait until I get to that crucial point to where I start liking the character again. I already know the characters motivations and circumstances, and what the character later develops into. I'm going to like them from the start.

I don't doubt you do, but Kaijo I feel is a different case. I mean if you don't want someone around at all, doesn't that classify as hate, or at the very least, dislike?
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