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Originally Posted by DannoHung View Post
So... does watching fansubbed anime make me an Otaku or something? Because I'd honestly like to avoid that label.

Too late!!!! Just being REGISTERED on an anime/manga forum makes you 'otaku'!!!!! O the horror!!!! Flee for your life!

Seriously... the 'otaku' label is pretty much broken. The West has mangled the real meaning of the term - til it is just a fancy way of saying "geek/nerd fan of anime". Whereas in Japan, it still means a seriously subcultured lifestyle that may or may not be all that healthy. In Japan, 'otaku' brings up mental imagery in much of the public of a few nutcases who sporadically make the news after committing heinous crimes.... kind of like the mention of D&D in the 80s got you defending yourself from misinformed upstanding idiots about the Satanism and Drugs supposedly surrounding it.

Of course, the word itself is overloaded as historically it means "home" お宅, 御宅 otaku but written as hiragana refers to the slang meaning.

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