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Originally Posted by Saber Cherry View Post
~ Darn, I saw Kanon 1 and had that impression, but I was hoping Kanon 2006 (which I have not yet started) would have changed him. Guess not ~
Not to sound overly-harsh, but I would take what Kaoshin says with a pinch of salt. Yuuichi in Kanon(2006) is widely accepted to be one of the better male leads to appear in recent history, and can be considered to be leagues ahead of Kanon(2002)'s Yuuichi. I am fairly confident that you will end up liking Kanon(2006)'s Yuuichi, confident enough in fact, to make a bet with you. If you wind up disliking Yuuichi at the end of Kanon(2006), feel free to de-rep me for leading you down the wrong path.

If you have more questions about Kanon(2006), feel free to pop on down to the Kanon sub-forum for more answers. There is a Q&A thread for spoiler-free queries.
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As for Lucky Star, well... currently the main attraction for me is the presence of Kagami and Akira. I am partial to Konata, but some of her mannerisms just doesn't gel with me. Tsukasa is okay at times, but not that memorable to me, and Miyuki is just too ditzy for my liking.

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