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Wow, first poll I check where so many people have participated 0_0 Anyways, I picked Kida, Anri, Shizuo, Namie, Simon and Other (for Kuzuhara Kinnosuke and Kishitani Shinge), although the last two will probably be in the next poll...
Kida: He really is Mikado's best friend, his effort is worth my vote.
Anri: She created the love triangle, and she's got some very funny moments.
Namie: At first I didn't really like her but after a while her actions to please her little brother touched me, wish I had someone who'd do all that ~_~
Shizuo: If I don't vote for him, he'll beat me up...even though he's against violence
Simon: Despite having very few lines, this guy cracks me up, mainly for the way he talks and always managing to bring sushi in any chat.
Kinnosuke: A true hero amongst mooks!
Shinge: I just love mad scientists, this one's even got a mask :O
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